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Fedora Core RPM by Joe Klemmer

Debian package by Sergey at Shyper




OBPager is a lightweight pager designed to be used with NetWM-compliant window managers like OpenBox.

Unlike many other pagers out there, OBPager has very few dependencies, requiring only Xlib and glibc++ (no Gnome or KDE necessary).


OBPager is pretty straightforward in terms of usage. It correctly displays the windows of a virtual desktop, indicates which is the active desktop, and allows you to switch desktops by clicking on the dockapp.

The command line syntax for obpager is:

obpager [--activefont <fontname>] [--inactivefont <fontname>] [desktop-number]

If no desktop number is specified, an instance of obpager for each virtual desktop is automatically created.


A sample screenshot of obpager using 24pt Arial Black as the active window font is shown below: Logo